In the spring of 1989 over 10,000 phone calls were made by volunteers seeking persons who might be interested in a Baptist Church in the West Cary area.  Over 1,000 persons said that they would be interested.

Five churches made financial commitments to help establish a church in West Cary, which would become Westwood Chapel:  Greenwood Forest was the church of record, along with Woodhaven, Good Hope, and Collins Grove with Salem, Ephesus Baptist churches offering prayer support.

Westwood Baptist Chapel with facilities located on the corner of Old Apex Road and High House Road held its first worship service on April 15, 1990, Tom Ogburn of Raleigh as pastor. 

September 20, 1992 Westwood constituted as a church with 52 members, with a new constitution and newly elected Deacons body.  The church’s first deacons were:  Cindy Bolden, Kelly Cartwright, Ronnie Cross, Carolyn Hopkins, Ruth Revelle as the alternate.

In 1993 the church purchased 12 acres of land from SAS Corporation on High House Road to build its second facility.

Tom and Beth Ogburn sensed the call of God to missions and were appointed as missionaries to Thailand in 1994.

January 1, 1995 Westwood welcomed its second pastor Rev. J. Charles Allard, coming from First Baptist Church, Morehead City.

Ground breaking for the High House facilities was held on February 25, 1996 with guest speakers Luther Brewer, Tony Cartledge, Harvey Duke, Charles Allard, Karen Whitaker, Greenwood Forest, Woodhaven, Cary First, Westwood and Genesis Methodists’ and Stephen Edwards representing St. Michael Catholic church.  Dr. Roger Nix ,Dr. Roy J. Smith, Executive Director- Treasurer of the Baptist State Convention along with R.G. Puckett editor of the Biblical Recorder, and. Koka Booth, Mayor of Cary.

The church was able to hold first worship service in the 7,000 sq. ft. facilities on High House Road on November of 1996. The church soon realized that the sanctuary, with a seating capacity of 200, was too small for one service, so the church began to have two worship services in 2001. Then in 2002 there was a need to have two Sunday School hours.

On April 14, 2002 the Building and Planning committee recommended that the church accept the offer of St. Michael Catholic Church, a neighbor church of Westwood on High House Road, to buy the church building and land for $2,500,000.  The committee also recommended purchasing 11 acres on Westhigh Street for $953,000.

The church voted on October 13, 2002 to enter into a contractual agreement with Steel Dynamics and subcontractors to build the new church facility as designed up to $5,000,000.00.

Ground breaking for the new facility on Westhigh was held October 20, 2002 with Dr. Roger Nix, Dr. Tony Cartledge, and Rev. Allard as speakers.

In September 2003 the church called Mike Eddinger as associate pastor. On September 21, 2003 the church voted on The Westwood Mission Statement:  “A community of believers worshipping God, making disciples, and sharing Christ’s love”.

Michelle Ayers Anderson was called as Minster to Youth in May 2004.


Westwood celebrated baptism and worship services in the new sanctuary on June 20, 2004.  The 48,507 sq. ft. facility is being used to share God’s love in Cary. Rev. Mike Eddinger became the first minister ordained to the gospel ministry by Westwood in July 2004.


List of Paid Ministerial Staff Beginning When the Church Was Constituted on September 20, 1992: 

    • Rev. Tom Ogburn, Pastor, 1992-1994
    • Dr. Mike Cogdill, Interim Pastor, April 1994 – December 1994
    • Rev. Charles Allard, Pastor, January 1995 – January 2008 
    • Patti Parker, Minister of Youth, May 2001 – April 2003
    • Rev. Mike Eddinger, Associate Pastor, September 2003 – October 2008
    • Rev. Phil Stone, Minister of Music, September 2000 – March 2006
    • Michelle Anderson, Minister of Youth, May 2004 – present
    • Rev. Caroline Allen, Minister of Music & Worship, March 2006 - present
    • Dr. Dennis Bazemore, Interim Pastor, January 2008 – October 2008
    • Rev. Mike Eddinger, Pastor, October 2008 – present
    • Dr. Keith Vaughn, Associate Pastor, June 2009 - present
    • Rev. Charles Allard, Pastor Emeritus, April 2010