What We Do

In Matthew 25, Jesus very clearly tells us that his followers touch people in his name. He cites examples of the marginalized in society, folks he refers to as the least of these brothers and sisters of mine  ... hungry and thirsty people; strangers without a place to stay; people without adequate clothing; folks who are sick or in prison ... and he charges us, his followers, with the responsibility of reaching out and helping to meet their needs in his name. Jesus sums all this up with a hard saying, but one that we at Westwood have come to believe is our mandate as a community of believers who want to intentionally demonstrate Christ’s love. In Matthew 25 verse 40, Jesus said ... I’m telling the solemn truth: Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me—you did it to me.

The following list contains examples of what we do, hands-on mission opportunities, where we try to live into this mandate: 


Flu vaccination clinic 
Dental Bus treatment day
Community Service Day for area neighbors
    o Clean yards
    o Visit nursing homes
    o Light construction projects
Block Party for area neighbors
    o Cookout
    o Games and activities
    o Music 
Trunk or Treat celebration
Vacation Bible School
Serving meals
    o Shepherd’s Table
    o Raleigh Rescue Mission
    o Durham Rescue Mission
    o Oak City Homeless Ministry
    o WakeMed Critical Care (Families)
    o Ronald McDonald House
Food Distribution
    o Foodbank of NC
    o Western Wake Crisis Ministry
    o Westwood Community Garden
    o Dorcas Shop Pantry
Serving in shelters
    o Christian Life Home
    o Genesis Home
    o Haven House
Homemade cakes NCCIW
Snacks for families in area hospitals
Easter Drive Thru Drama
Worship service at Sunrise
Bible Study at Phoenix
Devotions at Heartfields
Community Easter Egg Hunt
Move furniture (Carying Place)
Devotions Adult Day Care in Bond Park
Back Pack Buddies
Easter Baskets for Foster Children
Food collection for the State Fair workers
Classes and Bible Study to create Chrismons


Union Mission, Roanoke Rapids
    o Food, clothing Christian books for inmates
 Disaster Response with NC Baptist Men 
     o Hurricane Irene 
     o Red Springs Mission Camp 
     o Tornado recovery efforts 

United States

Disaster Response with NC Baptist Men 
    o Katrina: Gulfport Mississippi
    o Sandy: New Jersey
Mission Trips to Nada, Kentucky


Annual Mission Trips to Belize 
Scholarships Baptist High School Belmopan Belize
Sew children’s clothing for Belize
Christmas boxes through Samaritan's Purse
Personal care items to overseas military personnel